Uiheler Familienforschern

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Uihei / Neusiedel family researchers

This is the page for anyone who is interested in researching their own Uihei / Neusiedel family history. When the Bogarosch Family Book is finally published in 2009, this will make things much easier, as Uihei records will also be included in the Bogarosch book.

LATEST NEWS!  I am currently compiling the UIHEI FAMILY PAGES. It is a unique type of publication, and I need all the help I can get in procuring data of Uihei families, so please let me have whatever information you have on your own Uihei ancestors!

Below is a list of people who are currently researching names in Uihei. Please let me know if you would like your name and details added (or removed).


DIANA LAMBING -  diana@villaflorida.co.uk

Researching: Lambing, Engelmann        


BARBARA GREINOECKER - b.greinoecker@gmx.at

Researching: Ebner, Holz


BARBARA NOTHUM KOTYK - jwbako@aol.com 

Researching: Cherrier, Nothum, Becker, Schlupp,Weber, Pemehl, Prunkl


ANITA SCHLUPP - aschlupptemniuk@rogers.com

Researching: Schlupp, Gimpel, Schipper, Prunkl


PHIL DUNN - bikerp@mho.com 

Researching: Lunyacheck, Frey


MARILYN ANGNER WILLIAMS - aggiewms@sbcglobal.net

Researching: Angner


JOHN CERNY - johnlouise@bigzoo.net

Researching: Zoller, Kathrein, Gotz


MICHAELA SCHMIDT - michaela-schmidt@gmx.de

Researching: Schlupp, Klein, Lahm


EDWARD LOWITZ - Edward.Lowitz@Verizon.net

Researching: Ott


JOE MORRIS - joemo123@sc.rr.com

Researching: Mess, Theisz


STEVE KIPP - steve.kipp@comcast.net

Researching: Sehi, Zoller, Kathrein, Zwergal


RONALD GIMPEL SABATH  -   rgsabath@verizon.net

Researching: Gimpel


CHRISTA VIETS  -  chris_talk_25@yahoo.com

Researching: Janos(ch), Ludwig


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