Joannes Michael LAMPING  (1768 - 1808)


Joannes Michael LAMPING, as he was registered on his birth record below, was the first of Sondag's (or Dominic LAMPING, as he is called in this document) children to be born in the Banat, in the village of Gross Jetscha. The hungarian name of the village at the time was Nagy Jecsa and the romanian name used today is Iecea Mare. Below is a copy of his birth record, written in latin:


At the age of 20, Michael LAMPING married Christina WEBER in Gross Jetscha on 23rd February 1789. Christina was born 23rd June 1775 in Gross Jetscha, daughter of WEBER Franciscus and his third wife, GYERGEN Barbara. However, this means Christina would only have been 13 years old when she married! The following document, again in latin, is Michael and Christina's marriage entry in the church register:


Witnesses at the wedding were Jacobus SHMIDT and Joannes FOLMER.

Michael LAMPING and Christina WEBER had nine children and they were as follows:

Anna born 25th December 1791 and who died 3rd November 1869 (she was married to Philip ARTZNER); Anna Maria born 19th November 1793 and who died a week later on 25th November 1793; Barbara born 30th May 1795 and who died seven weeks later on 22nd July 1795; Michael born 4th July 1796 and who died 30th November 1855 (he was married to Magdalena TITISH and this couple feature in my grandmother, Susanna ENGELMANN's, line also); Anna Maria born 8th July 1799 and who died at the age of less than three years on 20th February 1802; Josephus (our next direct ancestor) born 9th January 1802; Georgius Stephanus born 3rd August 1804 and who died less than three years later on 19th May 1807; Dominicus born 2nd August 1806 and who died at the age of four years on 30th October 1809; Elisabetha born 26th September 1808 and who died 29th March 1891 (she was married to Joannes JÜRGENS). So, the only two male children who survived into adulthood to form the next generation (i.e. Joseph and Michael) both in fact made up part of both my grandparents' (Johann and Susanna) family lines!

Joannes Michael LAMPING died on 3rd October 1808 in Gross Jetscha at the age of 40. His wife Christina re-married on 1st December 1808 in Gross Jetscha to ORT Nicolaus (born 1784, died 17th April 1854 in Gross Jetscha). Christina died on 28th October 1842 in Gross Jetscha. Her second husband (ORT Nicolaus) re-married on 28th November 1843 to either HOCHSTRASSER Margaretha (born 29th September 1787 in Lenauheim) or MUMBERGER Mg. (records aren't clear).

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