Nicolaus LAMBING  (1863 - 1940)

Nicolaus LAMBING was the second child of Joseph LAMBING and Elisabetha SADORF and was born on 7th February 1863 in Uihei (spelled Ujhely at the time) which was part of the county of Torontal at the time:

On 7th November 1886, Nicolaus LAMBING, who was living in house number 2 in Uihei, married Anna KRONBERGER, who was living in house number 10 at the time.

Anna gave birth to eight children, the first two being illegitimate but were later legitimised on her marriage to Nicolaus LAMBING. The names of the children were as follows:

Nicolaus, born illegitimately on 8th July 1882 and died 4th September 1882; Joseph, born 26th April 1884 and who died 23rd October 1890 aged 6; Elisabetha, born 3rd July 1887 (she married Fransiscus HOLZ on 20th June 1909 in Uihei and she died in Lovrin on 20th August 1962); another Elisabetha who was born and died on the same day, 8th December 1888; Petrus, born 3rd March 1890 and died a week later on 9th March 1890; Catharina, born 9th February 1893 in Uihei, married Samuel HILDEBRAND and lived in California USA; Joannes (our next direct ancestor, more commonly known as Johann) was born 31st August 1894. Another recently discovered son named Mathias was born 26th September 1896 in Uihei and moved to the USA via Canada after WW1. He lived in Philadelphia, working at Noel's butcher shop at 305, West Oxford Street. He married Margaret NOEL (born 1st November 1902, emigrated to the USA in 1905) in 1927 and he died on 28th November 1965 in Philadelphia.

The following two photos are of Nicolaus and Anna with their grandchildren, George and Katie HOLZ from Lowrin (probably dating from the 1920s) and of Nicolaus and Anna (standing) with their horses and wagon with Evi Lambing in white, her mother Margaretha sitting next to her, Peter Lambing (Evi's father) in front and Evi's brother Peter Lambing as a schoolboy... I think!!

The following three pictures are of Nicolaus and Anna in front of the summer kitchen of the house in Uihei at the far corner of the village (later changed to number 131 and where their son, Johann, would live with his wife and son), taken around 1933, and of Anna with her son, Johann,  and grandson, Nicolaus, also taken in the early 1930s; the third is an enlargement from the picture above left:

Nicolaus LAMBING, who had been born in 1863, died on 31st May 1940. His wife, Anna, nee KRONBERGER, died in Timisoara on 22nd July 1950.

The family grave in Uihei cemetery, in the eleventh row on the right-hand side, contains the inscription of four children who died at a very tender age, as well as the names of Nicolaus and Anna. The chalk on the headstone was used to make the inscription more legible when recording all the graves in the cemetery in 2004.

The document below is the death record of Nicolaus LAMBING who died on 31st May 1940 at the age of 77. His son (my grandfather) Johann's signature is on the record.


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