Joseph LAMPING  (1802 - 1860)


Joseph was the sixth child of Michael LAMPING and Christina WEBER and was born 9th January 1802 in Gross Jetscha (Nagy Jecsa).

The following document is the entry of his birth in the Gross Jetscha register, written in latin:

His godparents were named as Joseph FOLMER and Barbara LAMPING.

Joseph married Anna Maria PETRI (who was born 7th January 1803) on 5th September 1824 in Gross Jetscha, as shown in the following document, written in latin:


Witnesses at the wedding were Josephus FOLMER and Ludovicus GAULZ.

Joseph LAMBING (as his name was now spelled) and Anna Maria PETRI had nine children and they were as follows (the spelling of their surnames varied between LAMPING, LAMBING and LAMBIN):

Nicolaus born 22nd February 1825 and who died seven months later on 2nd October 1825; Magdalena born 9th July 1826 and who died 9th June 1889 (she was married to Michael JOSZT on 14th January 1845); Sophia born 25th September 1828 and who married ?Jakob TORMUTZ? on 18th January 1848 (although the Bogarosch Family Book states she married Ignaz MASSON on 25th January 1848 and that she died 12th July 1849 in Neusiedel/Ujhely one week after giving birth to her daughter Anna); Christina born 11th March 1832 and who died 11th December 1838 at the age of six; Anna born 10th August 1834, married Michael SCHMIDT on 31st January 1853 in Neusiedel/Ujhely; Josephus (our next direct ancestor) born 1st February 1838; Joannes born 12th July 1840 and who died 20th February 1843 at the age of two; Franciscus born 16th April 1843 and who married Katharina BEITZ on 4th September 1866; Peter born 23rd August 1845 and who married Christina METTLER on 28th January 1868.

Joseph LAMBING died 5th August 1860 in Uihei (also known as Neusiedel and Ujhely). His wife Anna Maria died 23rd March 1886 in Uihei. Joseph and his wife Anna Maria had most probably moved from Gross Jetscha / Nagy Jecsa to Uihei with their children when the village was first founded in 1844/45, as their children all married in Uihei, except for their first daughter who married when they were still in Gross Jetscha. Their house is situated on the south-west corner of the village and originally bore the house number 8, was later changed to number 12 and finally in 1950 to number 131.

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