Johann LAMBING  (1894 - 1973)


Johann LAMBING, the seventh and penultimate child born to Nicolaus LAMBING and Anna KRONBERGER, was born 31st August 1894 in Uihei (or Ujhely as it was then officially called in hungarian). Johann's first name was written as János. His godparents were Johann BALLMANN and Elisabetha KRONBERGER.

As a young man, Johann trained as an apprentice tailor.

On 13th January 1919, at the age of 24, Johann LAMBING married Susanna ENGELMANN, the widow of Johann SEHI (or János SZEHI as it was then spelled), as shown in the document below, written in hungarian. Witnesses to the marriage were Johann BALLMANN and Mathias ENGELMANN.

Susanna ENGELMANN (born 22nd December 1894, daughter of Nicolaus ENGELMANN and Catharina LAMBING) (whose marriage record from 26th October 1888 is shown below) had originally married Johann SEHI (born 14th November 1891, son of Michael SEHI and Anna ANGNER) on 23rd August 1914 in Uihei. They had no children and Johann SEHI was killed during World War I on 26th October 1917. He had been a bugler with the Hungarian National Guard in His Majesty's Royal No. 3 Honved. Susanna's grandparents are also named in her own parents' marriage document below:

Johann LAMBING and Susanna ENGELMANN had one child (my father), Nicolaus, who was born on 18th October 1919, nine months after their marriage. As can be seen on Nicolaus's birth record below, his name was spelled Miklós (hungarian) and in the Catholic church register it was spelled as Nicolae.

In 1922, the young family emigrated to Philadelphia in the USA. They were to stay for six or seven years. The ship's manifest shows that they left the port of Bremen in Germany on the 'President Arthur' ship on 20th July 1922 and arrived at the port of New York on 31st July 1922. Johann was described as a 28-year old farmhand, able to read and write german and was ethnic German but of Romanian nationality (Uihei was since the end of World War I now part of Romania instead of Hungary). The name and address of the nearest relative was given as Nic. ENGELMANN of Ujhely (Susanna's father) and the family's final destination was Elverson in Pennsylvania. Johann was in possession of $50 (although this has been amended to $80 for the whole family) and the name and address of the relative Johann and his family were going to was Michael WAMBACH, Box 1569, Elverson, PA. Johann and his family have no intention of returning to Romania (although they do indeed return six years later!) and that they intend to become citizens of the USA. The manifest also states that Johann is neither an anarchist nor a polygamist, does not advocate the overthrow of the government of the USA and has not previously been deported from the USA. The family are all in good health and suffer from no disabilities. Johann is 5'6" tall and Susanna is 5'5". All three members of the family have brown hair and blue eyes and have no identifying marks. All three were born in Ujhely (Uihei) in Romania. The following images are sections of the ship's manifest:


The family originally stayed with Susanna's sister, Anna ENGELMANN and her husband Michael WAMBACH in Pottstown, when they had both emigrated, separately, from Romania in 1905, Michael from Gross Jetscha (Nagy Jecsa in hungarian or Iecea Mare in romanian) and Anna from Uihei. 

We do not yet know where the young family settled exactly or where young Nicolaus went to school, but a bit of detective work has shown that they probably lived above, or close to, Noel's butcher store on the corner of 305 Oxford Street West and Cadwal(la)der Street. The family certainly visited the WAMBACH family at weekends in the country where young Nicolaus had many cousins (Anna and Michael WAMBACH had 16 children). St. Michael's and St. Peter's were two local Catholic schools Nicolaus may have gone to, or even Moffat's public school. The picture below is of Johann, Susanna and Nicolaus taken around 1926.

Johann LAMBING is pictured bottom left in the second photograph above. His son, Nicolaus, is second right in the row behind him. Anna ENGELMANN and Michael WAMBACH are in the back row. The first picture below was taken at the grand opening in 1929 of Noel's butcher shop at 305 West Oxford Street, which is probably where Johann, Susanna and Nicolaus also lived. The next picture was taken inside the shop, with Matthew LAMBING on the far left and his wife, Margaret NOEL (born 1902 in Bogarosch, daughter of Johann NOEL and Anna WEITZ) with their daughter Catherine third from the right, together with other members of the NOEL family. Then comes one of Johann's brother, Matthew, with his wife Margaret NOEL in 1956, taken just before their own house was built. The next picture is of Matthew LAMBING, his mother-in-law Anna NOEL nee WEITZ, and brother-in-law Jack (born 1900 in Bogarosch) NOEL, and the final two images are of Matthew Lambing (Johann's brother), and Katie Lambing-HILDEBRAND (Johann's sister who lived in California, picture taken in 1967), together with her husband, Sam. I am grateful to Dorothy Lambing-Conlan (daughter of Matthew Lambing) and to Howard Noel for these last six pictures.


On 25th June, 1928, Johann, Susanna and Nicolaus boarded the 'Albert Ballin' steamship and returned to Uihei in Romania. Two pictures taken aboard the 'Albert Ballin' can be seen in Nicolaus's file.

The family settled in house number 131, as it is now known - a house on the very edge and the south-west corner of the village, as shown below (picture taken in 1964):

I was told in 2007 by Adam MEISZNER, who lived opposite the family during the 1930s / 1940s, that a cousin of his named Nikolaus HOPPENTHALER from Klein Betschkerek worked as a 'Knecht', i.e. a servant or farm-labourer, for the couple.

The set of pictures below were taken in (left to right) 1950, 1955, 1958 and 1962:

Below is a work's photograph of Johann LAMBING taken during the 1960s and a picture of Johann and Susanna taken in 1973 before Johann died:

On 18th October 1973, Johann LAMBING died in Uihei. His wife, Susanna, died on 14th July 1980. The death records, shown above, are written in romanian.

Below are pictures taken of Johann LAMBING's funeral in October 1973:

The ENGELMANN family grave, where both Johann and Susanna were also buried, is pictured below. Note that Susanna's mother was also born a LAMBING!


In May 2004, when I visited Uihei again after 34 years, the grave had been concreted over several years earlier and the lettering had all faded. With local help I was able to get the broken concrete repaired, the stone cleaned and the lettering blacked in again and also have the surrounding area tidied up, as shown in the other two pictures above of 'before' and 'after'. The grave is at the back of the cemetery on the right-hand side as you enter.

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