Demange (Sondag) LAMBING (1731 - 1802)

Demange LAMBING, forthwith known as Sondag LAMBING, was the thirteenth child born to Jean LAMBIN and Marie Barbe KINDICH.The following document is arecord of the baptism of Demange (Sondag) Lambing on 15th February 1731, written in french:

The french name Demange is a corruption of Dimanche (meaning Sunday in english); the german version of this name is Sondag, which is a corruption of Sonntag, and the latin name is Dominic.

The following document, in french, is a record of the birth of Jeanne SCHITZ, who would become the wife of Sondag LAMBING. She was born on 1st February 1734 in Bickenholtz.


The following is a record of the Weschem banns of marriage in October 1756 of Sondag (also known as Dominicus or Dominic, as well as Demange!) LAMBING and JeanneSCHITZ, written in latin:

and the following part of a long document is of the marriage between 'Dominic' (Sondag) and Jeanne on 26th October 1756, written in french, followed by the signature of Sondag Lambing:


We have found records of 10 children born to Sondag and Jeanne (later known as 'Anna'), the first six being born in Bickenholtz. They were as follows:

Catherine born 30th July 1757; Joseph born 20th April 1759; Jean born 7th January 1761; Henry born 28th December 1762; Louis born 6th January 1765 and Jean-Baptiste born 16th October 1766.

In 1768, Sondag and his family emigrated from Bickenholtz in Lothringen, together with many other families at the time, in the second wave of the 'great swabian trek' during the reign of Queen Marie Theresia of Austro-Hungary. The people boarded wooden boats in Ulm - these were known as 'Ulmer Schachteln'.

The following document is an extract from a brochure listing communities from Bickenholtz and Schalbach who migrated to the Banat. In the list of people from Bickenholtz there is an entry for LAMBEN (as written) or LAMBIN (most probable correct name) Sonntag (the german word for Sunday, or Dimanche in french, from which we get the names Sondag and Demange). He arrived at Kruseule, which would have been a stopping point on the River Danube. It is now part of Serbia but was at the time part of Hungary and is also known as Kruschiwl, Krusevlje or Bácskörtés. There is a date mentioned (6th May 1768) - this may have been the date of arrival at Kruseule or the date he registered in Vienna.


Sondag and his family would have then travelled on to the newly-founded village of Nagy Jecsa (Gross Jetscha in german, Iecea Mare in Romanian) and shortly after their arrival, the seventh child, Joannes Michael, was born on 15th October 1768. Michael, as he became known, was our next direct ancestor. The next three children born to Sondag and Jeanne were as follows: Ludovicus born 31st December 1769; JoannesLeonardus born 9th March 1772 and Anna Maria born 23rd March 1776 and died 7th July 1778.

Pictured above is a map of part of the Banat (now in western Romania) and which features Gross Jetscha and Neusiedel auf der Heide (another name for Uihei which features in later generations). Gross Jetscha lies 20 miles, or 32 km, NW of Temeschburg (now Timişoara), which can be seen on the right-hand side of the map.


The two photographs above, taken in May 2004, show Triergasse in Gross Jetscha where the LAMBING family lived, and the new, or modified, house on the original plot as it looks today.

Thirty-four years after his arrival in the Banat, Sondag died in Gross Jetscha.

Below is the page of the church register of Gross Jetscha in which the death of Sondag (Dominicus LAMPING) is recorded on 24th September 1802. His age is stated as being 80 years old, although according to his birth certificate of 1731 he would have been 71 years of age.


Sondag's wife, know as Anna, died five years later on 16th October 1807 and the relevant page of the Gross Jetscha church register is shown below, although again her age was given as 89 years, although according to her birth certificate of 1734 she would have been 73 years old.


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