The current LAMBING generations...

Diana (the webmaster of this site) was born 28th July 1949 in England and has no children. She has lived in England all her life, apart from between the years 1964 - 1969 when she lived with the rest of the family in Switzerland.

Roland was born 30th September 1950 in England and has two sons - Kevin (born 6th February 1980 in Biel, Switzerland) and James (born 20th December 1982 in Biel, Switzerland). The family all live in Switzerland, where Roland has lived since 1964.

Nicholas was born 10th July 1954 in England and also has two sons - Timothy (born 9th July 1988 in Nyon, Switzerland) and Daniel (born 29th July 1990 in Nyon, Switzerland). The family all live in Switzerland, where Nicholas has lived since 1964.

Peter was born 6th April 1962 in England and remains unmarried. He has also lived in Switzerland since 1964.

The first image shows Timothy, James and Daniel in the front row and Nicholas, Peter and Diana behind them, with Megi and Bea (wives of Nicholas and Roland) in 1996. The second image is of Diana in 2006; the third is of Roland; the fourth is of Nicholas; the fifth is of Peter. Then come James and Kevin in 2000; then Timothy and Daniel in 2004; Roland with his second wife, Eveline, in November 2007; Nicholas with his wife Megi in November 2007; Diana and Hugo in 2004; Diana in 2014. 

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