Josephus LAMBIN  (1838 - 1911)

Josephus LAMBIN, the sixth child of Joseph LAMPING and Anna Maria Petri, was born 1st February 1838 in Gross Jetscha. The following document, written in latin, is a copy of his birth record:

His godparents were named as Josephus FOLMER and Barbara FOLMER.

Joseph LAMBING (as he was now named) married Elisabetha SZADORF in the newly-built neighbouring village of Ujhely (hungarian spelling) on 29th November 1856. Uihei (the more common romanian way of spelling the name of the village, although it was also known by its german name of Neusiedel auf der Heide) was built in 1844/5 and Joseph and Elisabetha were the first of our LAMBING line to live in Uihei. Joseph was 18 years old and Elisabetha was a 20 year-old girl from Varjas. This image is a copy of their marriage record, written in hungarian, the official language at the time.

The couple had five children that we know of: Anna born 26th October 1860 (she married Joannes HOCHSTRASSER on 24th October 1911); Nicolaus (our next direct ancestor) born 7th February 1863; Michael who was born 7th September 1865 and died at the age of three years on 25th November 1868; Catharina born 3rd June 1871 (she died in Alexanderhausen /Şandra on 20th May 1957); Laurentius born 24th July 1875. The following is a picture of 'Lorenz' in his old age, together with a close-up.


Joseph LAMBING died 4th August 1911. His wife Elisabetha SADORF (the 'z' in the name was the hungarian spelling) had died ten years earlier on 1st March 1901. The following is a copy of Joseph LAMBING's record of death, written in hungarian:


The signature of Nikolaus LAMBING on the death record must be that of my great-grandfather, i.e. the son of Joseph LAMBING (see below).


The picture below is of the gravestone which includes the names of Joseph and Elisabeth - the bottom two lines read 'U. GROSSELTERN JOSEF U. ELIS. LAMBING'


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