Jean LAMBIN  (1684 - ?)


Our next direct ancestor, Jean LAMBIN, son of Etienne LAMBIN and Anne CHAMPION, was born 21st April 1684 in Buire in the Picardie region.

Jean, his parents and siblings migrated from the Picardie region of northern France to the Lothringen region, about 170 miles away, around the late 1680s and settled in the village of Bickenholtz or neighbouring Schalbach.

On 18th April 1712, Jean LAMBIN married Marie Barbe KINDICH from Veckerswiller. The following document, written in french, is a copy of their marriage banns from Schalbach in Lothringen (the name of Jean's mother is given as Nicole CHAMPION instead of Anne CHAMPION - I believe this was a mistake... Anne had a sister named Nicole).

We have found records of 16 children born to Jean LAMBIN and Marie Barbe KINDICH in Schalbach / Bickenholz and they are as follows:

Jean born 18th November 1712; Anne Marie born 14th October 1713 and who married Jean Nicolas MÜLLER on 2nd September 1738; Jean born 9th March 1715; Dominique born 13th December 1716;  Marie Catherine born 21st December 1717, married Paul BOHN on 22nd January 1740 and died 29th September 1790; Anne Marguerite born 10th April 1719; Anne Marguerite born 20th August 1720; Jean Henry born 19th February 1722, married Jeanette MATHIS on 3rd November 1744 and died 10th January 1795; Elisabeth born 12th July 1724; Barbe born 6th April 1726, married Jean SCHNEIDER on 6th October 1750 and secondly to  Antoine GONDOLFF on 7th January 1766 and died 31st December 1790; Anne Marguerite born 10th November 1727; Jean born 31st March 1729; Demange (our next direct ancestor) born 14th February 1731, married Jeanne SCHITZ on 26th October 1756 and died 24th September 1802 in Gross Jetscha; Jean born 9th December 1732; Jean Léonard born 30th November 1735, married four times (Elisabeth KARCHER, Marie Anne DECOURSY, Marguerite ROSE and Barbe VONDEREND) and who died 18th October 1822; Joseph born 1st May 1739, married Catherine JANN on 19th October 1762 and who died 6th May 1811 in Vescheim.

The last four children were recorded with the surname LAMBING (with a 'G' added to the name).

One of the oldest documents we have found so far is of the birth of Marie Barbe KINDICH's father, Nicolaus  KINDICK, son of Tobias KINDICK and Maria ACKERMANN on 27th November 1664. The record is shown below:

Although we know that Marie Barbe KINDICH died in Schalbach on 21st September 1770, we have not yet found any death record for Jean LAMBIN, although we can assume he died between 1754 and 1770. Records for this period have been lost.

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