Etienne LAMBIN  (~1651 - 1694)


Etienne LAMBIN, son of Antoine LAMBIN and Catherine DESSERY, was born around 1651, probably in Buire in the Picardie region of northern France.

Etienne  married Anne CHAMPION on 24th May 1678 in Buire, only weeks after Louis XIV had passed through their village on his way to Belgium. The following is a copy of their marriage document, written in french:

It reads as follows:

Le 24 de Maje de l'année 1678 par moy, curé de la paroisse de Notre Dame de Buire, ont été solomniellement mariez Estienne Lambin, fils d'Antoine Lambin et de Catherine Dessery son espouse agé d'environs 27 ans ... et d'autre Anne Champion fille de Nicolas Champion et de Margueritte Anceaux son espouse agé d'environs 20 ans en la presence d'Anthoine Lambin pour l'epoux et de Nicolas Champion pour l'espouse. Jean Murilly paroiusse de... Buire etc.

Their first three children (Jeanne, born 16th June 1679 and later married to Jacques WALTER  on 28th November 1702 in Schalbach and who died on 24th July 1749; Jean, our next direct ancestor, born 21st April 1684 and married to Barbe KINDIG  on 18th April 1712 in Schalbach; and Charles, born around 1685 and who married Marguerite SCHNEIDER on 3rd November 1711 in Schalbach, Marguerite THIEBAULT on 18th February 1721 and Madeleine SCHIRMAN on 29th April 1743 and who died on 2nd March 1747 in Schalbach), were all born whilst the family still lived in the Picardie region - probably either in Buire itself or in nearby Bucilly. By the time the next child, Nicole, was born on 28th March 1691, the family had migrated to Bickenholtz or Schalbach in Lothringen (Alsace-Lorraine), about 170 miles (270 km) away. Nicole married Jean COTTIN on 28th July 1716 in Schalbach and she died on 23rd December 1750.

On 4th December 1699, Jean LAMBIN, the brother of Etienne, put in a request to the Lorraine (Lothringen) authorities, invoking his Picardie origins, and obtained the necessary franchises to carry out land clearance at Olsberg. On his own humble level, he was quite a symbol. With two other brothers (Antoine and Etienne), he contributed towards the spread of the French presence in the Saar area which was still mostly depopulated. The three brothers set an example. Accompanied by his wife, Anne CHAMPION, from Buire, Etienne LAMBIN settled in Schalbach in the region of Phalsbourg. Antoine, the second brother, took a wife at Bitche (Anne Catherine DUCHER) on 21st October 1659 and settled in Bonne Fontaine in the nearby suburb of Hombourg, in the grounds of the abbey at Wörschweiler. There was a second marriage to Marguerite ANCEAUX. Jean himself went directly from Hirson to Hombourg in 1685 with his entourage of several children from his two marriages (to Madeleine MARCHAND on 18th March 1679 and to Madeleine ANCEAUX). This prolific LAMBIN trio covered a good proportion of the territory, developed the rural areas and integrated with the local population. It was an excellent  example of acclimatisation which the royal administration presented as a model example. To our knowledge, it is this trio of Picardie siblings which have the most family branches in the province.

A chart of the migration of the LAMBIN family can be viewed in Antoine LAMBIN's file (the previous generation).

Another branch of LAMBIN families in the north-east of France were 'travellers' who were basket-makers and travelled from village to village. We are still trying to connect the various branches of the families, but as the travellers' children were born in different places all the time, it will be a difficult project!

Etienne LAMBIN died on 22nd August 1694 in Bickenholtz and the following is a copy of his death record written in french (note that his surname is spelled as LAMBERT):

It reads as follows:

Le 22 d'Août est decedé en notre village de Ste Marie Fleissing ou Piquenholz, Etienne Lambert après avoir reçu tous les sacrements et a été inhumé dans la cimetière de notre village de Fleissing. Il était natif de Buire en Tirache et agé d'environs 50 ans ce que j'atteste Fr. ...

The above pictures, courtesy of Bernadette Heringer, show the following (from left to right):

1)  The only road through Bickenholtz (also known as Sainte-Marie)

2)  Bickenholtz church

3)  The main road through Schalbach

4)  A typical old house in Schalbach

5)  The Catholic church in Schalbach


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