Antoine LAMBIN  (~1606 - 1682)


Antoine LAMBIN is our first recorded ancestor so far. He was born around 1606 and died on 18th August 1682 in Origny-en-Thiérache in the Picardie region of northern France, aged about 76.

He was married to Catherine DESSERY (dates currently unknown) and they had at least six children - five sons and a daughter. Four of their children - Jean (a tailor, born 1646), Antoine (a labourer), Pierre (possibly born 1644 and died 21st April 1687) and François (born 1652, died 28th February 1716) - were present at his death in 1682. The couple also had another son, Etienne (or Estienne) who was our next direct ancestor, and a daughter named Antoinette. There may possibly be another son, Roland.

Records found so far show that Jean was born around 1646 and Etienne around 1651 and that Antoinette died on 10th October 1680 in Hirson. She had been married to Noel PAGNIER.

The map below is a section taken  from one kept at the Bibliothèque nationale de France and shows the area where the family lived at the time, including the towns and villages of Origny, Bucilly and Buire. One of Antoine's sons, also named Antoine, apparently worked as a forester in the Bois d'Eparc pictured above. This  fact can be deduced from the next document, although the forest is called 'Bois d'Esparsi' in the baptism record. Modern maps show the spelling as 'Eparcy'.


The document below is part of the baptism record of another Antoine LAMBIN - the grandson of our first known ancestor, Antoine LAMBIN, and the son of the second generation Antoine LAMBIN!


The chart below shows the migration of the large LAMBIN family towards the Sarre (Saar) region, Elsass (Alsace) and Bitche. More about the migration can be read in Etienne LAMBIN's file (the next generation).


Antoine LAMBIN, born around 1606, died on 18th August 1682 and the following is a copy of his death record, written in french:


It reads as follows:

Le dix-huitième jour du mois d'Août 1682 est decedé  Antoine Lambin ... age de soixante-seize ans de la paroisse de Buire après avoir reçu le confession  ... sacrement extreme onction son corps a été inhumé ... la chapelle de Notre Dame d'Eglise Ste ... d'Origny ..par moi ... d'Antoine Lambin procureur... Jean Lambin, tailleur d'habit ... et Pierre Lambin ... Buire, Hirson et Origny...

It seems the name of the procurator was also Antoine LAMBIN.


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