The history of music in Uihei / Neusiedel

According to oral tradition by the older generation, the first band in Uihei / Neusiedel was formed after 1890. The bandleader at that time was Hans KNEIP from Sankt Andreas. The following boys were taught to play a musical instrument by him:

Johann GOSCHI and Peter RINTYE- flugelhorn; Johann SCHLUPP, Josef RINTYE and Christian RINTYE - clarinet; Michael PULJER and Nikolaus ROTSCHING - tenor horn; Michael KRONBERGER - bass; Josef LUDWIG and Johann SEHI - trumpet. This band played at dances, weddings and Kirchweih festivals. After the First World War, only six men were left in the band.

In 1920, musicians were sought amongst the next generation. Johann GOSCHI founded a boys' band made up of thirteen youths. The instruments were divided as follows:

Clarinet - Franz KLUG, Johann EBERHARDT, Johann LUDWIG; flugelhorn - Franz KORECK, Nikolaus GELLERT, Johann KLUG; tenor horn - Anton SCHIMMEL, Josef ENGELMANN; trumpet - Peter TASCH, Michael KOREK, Mathias PILES; baritone - Jakob LUDWIG; bass - Michael WEBER; small drum for marching - Nikolaus GELLERT.

People say that Nikolaus GELLERT had a special talent for drumming, so much so that he could make the sweets (which were traditionally thrown at baptisms) jump off the ground when he played the drum at baptisms.

This band was also well known in the surrounding villages and they played at weddings and Kirchweih festivals there, too. After 1927 the band disbanded as some of the musicians emigrated.

Christian RINTYE founded a brass band in 1919 consisting of twelve men. The instruments were divided as follows:

Clarinet - Christian RINTYE and Adam NIKOLA; trumpet - Franz ENGELMANN, Nikolaus BERNHARDT and Eberhardt BEITZ; flugelhorn - Nikolaus BEITZ; tenor horn - Peter RINTYE and Hans ENGELMANN; baritone - Ludwig MŪLLER and Jakob EBINGER; bass - Mathias PITZER; large drum - Franz BEITZ.

So our little village of Uihei / Neusiedel a. d. Heide had two bands between 1920 and 1927. Christian RINTYE led his band until 1936. After 1929, Anton SCHIMMEL also joined Christian RINTYE's brass band.

In 1937, Adam NIKOLA took over the band from Christian RINTYE. The following musicians were members:

Adam NIKOLA - clarinet; Nikolaus BEITZ - flugelhorn; Peter RINTYE and Anton SCHIMMEL - tenor horn; Ludwig MŪLLER - baritone; Franz ENGELMANN - trumpet; Mathias PITZER - bass.

In 1938, Adam NIKOLA founded a boys' band, too. It comprised the following musicians:

Flugelhorn - Franz MANGOL; piston - Christian GOSCHY; clarinet -Anton OTT, Hans GROSS, Hans FUCHS and Hans KUHN; trombone - Hans KESSLER and Nikolaus KUHN; baritone - Theodor MANGOL; tenor horn - Hans HUBER, Josef BALLMANN; trumpet and small drum - Hans NIKOLA; large drum - Jakob EBINGER; bass - Hans SCHMIDT.

After 1940, the old bandleader, Johann GOSCHI, took over this boys' band. The group disbanded in 1943.

After the Second World War, in 1948, Anton SCHIMMEL founded a brass band with the following musicians:

Clarinet - Hans SCHLUPP and Hans RINTYE; flugelhorn - Hans HUBER; tenor horn - Anton SCHIMMEL, Michael PULJER; trumpet - Josef HUBER; baritone - Ludwig MŪLLER; trombone - Hans KESSLER and Nikolaus KUHN; bass - Mathias PITZER.

In 1950, the bandleader Anton SCHIMMEL looked around for new members and founded a boys' band with the following members:

Clarinet - Hans SCHIMMEL, Josef SCHŪTZ and Karl GOTTSCHALL; flugelhorn - Hans RINTYE and Hans HUBER; tenor horn - Adam SCHIMMEL nd Theodor GIMPEL; baritone - Nikolaus SCHŪTZ; trombone - Nikolaus KUHN; trumpet - Josef HUBER; bass - Hans KESSLER.

When Anton SCHIMMEL died in 1953, both brass bands disbanded.

In 1955, a small band of six musicians was founded. It was also Uihei / Neusiedel's last band. It had the following musicians:

Clarinet - Hans SCHIMMEL and Hans RINTYE; trombone - Adam SCHIMMEL; trumpet - Hans HUBER; accordion - Adam MERSCH; percussion - Nikolaus SCHŪTZ and Nikolaus KUHN.

After 1960, there was no longer any band in Uihei / Neusiedel.

Adam SCHIMMEL attended the Music School in Temeschburg from 1950 to 1954 and graduated as a professional trombonist. He played for many years with the Philharmonia in Hermannstadt and was conductor of the brass band at the elementary school in Hermannstadt.

Franz KLUG studied at the Music Conservatoire in Budapest.

George KLEIN was colonel and conductor of the military bands in Romania.

Hans SCHIMMEL founded a brass band in Gottlob in 1963 until 1981 and gave music lessons to many pupils.

We can be very proud of our heritage of musical bands in our little village, and should keep the memories of them alive in our hearts.

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Original german text by Hans Schimmel, translated by Diana Lambing

First picture (1920): Back row (L - R) Franz KOREK, Josef ENGELMANN, Johann EBERHARDT, Anton SCHIMMEL, Peter TASCH, Michael KORECK, Jakob JOSCHKA.  Middle row: Franz KLUG, Johann GOSCHI (bandleader), Michael WEBER.  Front row: Johann JOSCHKA, Nikolaus GELLERT.

Second picture (1950): Twins Adam and Johann SCHIMMEL, part of the last generation of Uihei musicians who were taught by Anton SCHIMMEL.

Third picture (1950): Three generations of Uihei musicians, led by Anton SCHIMMEL, playing at the baptism of Anna LICHTFUSS.


Fourth picture (Kirchweih 1957): Men from L - R: Johann SCHIMMEL, Johann RINTYE, Johann SCHIMMEL, Adam SCHIMMEL, Adam MERSCH, Nikolaus KUHN.

Fifth picture (1941): (L - R) Johann FUCHS, Nikolaus KUHN, Johann HUBER, Johann KESSLER, Johann KUHN, Johann GOSCHI (Bandleader), Johann GROSS, Johann SCHMIDT, Christian GOSCHY, Johann PITZER, Franz MANGOL, (Nikolaus LICHTFUSS and Karl SCHIMMEL in Kirchweih hats), Nikolaus KLEITSCH.


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