One dead, one wounded and one missing after a cart is overturned

Three men from the locality of Uihei, near Timišoara, who were returning in a cart from Šandra, overturned yesterday afternoon, in an almost six foot deep puddle (pond), causing the death of one, the disappearance of another and the taking of the third seriously hurt man to the hospital.

Witnesses think that the three had been drinking and wanted to take a short cut home, the shorter route through the field.  (From MEDIAFAX)

Due to the heavy rains, a puddle (pond) formed, but the men did not avoid it, thinking that it was not deep.  In the middle of the puddle, when they realized that the cart was overturning, they called for assistance, and two residents of Uihei, who were in the field, immediately went to render assistance.

"We heard them. We went to their aid.  They were in the cart, in the water, and were barely visible.  We pulled one out, but he was not breathing" said one of the men, I.C.

Another man said that one of the rescued was breathing when he was pulled from the water, and was taken to the hospital, and that they were still searching for the third  passenger.

"They must have been drinking, otherwise how could they have gone into the water.  It was deep after the rain.  They were going to Šandra for medications and were taking the shortcut back" said a woman, A.T.

An ambulance, fire truck and the Police were dispatched.  A diver went in the pond to look for the third passenger, and the authorities are determining what occurred.

* * * * *

1st April 2006
(Translation by Eugene Raica in Detroit)

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