Anna SCHLUPP (nee FEIL) is one hundred years old

Anna Schlupp (nee Feil) was born on 14th February 1910 in the village of Pesak. This is where she grew up with two sisters. When she was 14 years old she moved to Neusiedel / Uihei, where she first worked as a maidservant, then in the fields and lastly as a cook in the Kindergarten of the Neusiedel LPG (the Agricultural Collective). She also got to know her future husband in Neusiedel. In 1936 she married Martin Schlupp. They had two sons, Peter and Josef. Peter died in 2003. From the marriages of the two sons there are four grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Anna Schlupp's husband died in November 1990 in the old country. This was a hard blow for the eighty year old lady, as it meant emigrating to a new and strange country. With a heavy heart she moved with her son Josef and daughter-in-law Eva to Germany in 1991. They settled with her grand-daughter Else Keil who was already living in Mainbernheim. This is where Anna has lived since 1991 and she has settled in very well. Her grand-daughter's garden gives her much pleasure and she does a few little jobs in the garden here and there. Despite the many highs and lows in her life, she enjoys life and her hearty laugh has stayed with her into her old age. The Neusiedel HOG (Home Village Association) sends her many congratulations on her 100th birthday and wishes her health, happiness and God's blessing.

Ewald Rintye

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